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Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer, Weddings Hotel Riu Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer

Mexico destination wedding photography

Weddings Hotel Riu Vallarta


Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer Ever Lopez, This time I had the pleasure of shooting this intimate destination wedding in one of the Best Nuevo Vallarta wedding resorts, the Riu Jalisco Hotel, where I personally met Taija and John, an amazing Canadian couple who traveled with their beautiful family and friends to have a destination wedding at riviera Nayarit. I started shooting in the bride’s room, where her sisters were in charge of the bride´s make up and hair.



Nuevo Vallarta bride makeup artist

Bride getting ready for her intimate destination wedding.

Nuevo Vallarta weddings

Take me anywhere, love me everywhere.

bride makeup and hair Nuevo Vallarta

nice hair style!

Puerto Vallarta weddings

Last details taken care by her sisters.

Beach wedding in Mexico

Bride arriving at the beach ceremony with her father.

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer Ever Lopez, shooting an intimate destination wedding at Riviera Nayarit at Hotel Riu Jalisco beautiful beach, the sand ceremony expresses the coming together of two people into one new family.

Mexico beach weddings

Taija and John celebrating their sand ceremony. An alternative to the unity candle ceremony, the sand blending ceremony wedding expresses the coming together of bride and groom or two families into one new family.  It is a very simple idea that can be incredibly meaningful.

Beach weddings Nayarit

beach sand ceremony at Hotel Riu Jalisco, 
The pouring of two different colored sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom or the joining of their families. Sand from the desert, a favorite beach or vacation spot also works.

Beach ceremony Nuevo VallartaThe advantage of the sand ceremony is that there is a lasting special memento to display in your home. Sand is also a better choice for an outdoor wedding, since wind is less of a concern than it is with a candle.

Riu Jalisco wedding photography

Mother of the bride giving a big hug.

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photos

An intimate moment right after the ceremony.

Puerto Vallarta wedding packages

the beautiful bride with her horse.

Nuevo Vallarta wedding

The sunset provided an amazing background for their pictures.

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photography

Mexico wedding photographer

I used 2 Chaise-Longue to shoot some pictures at the beach, here is the result:

Mexico destination wedding photography

Bride´s sister getting the flower bouquet for the pictures.

Best Nuevo Vallarta wedding resorts

Taija overcoming her fears riding the horse for the picture.

Puerto Vallarta wedding

Their first dance as wife and husband at the hotel disco.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photography

John and his mother dancing.

Nuevo Vallarta wedding packages

Bride dancing with her dad.

weddings Nuevo Vallarta

The sisters showing their best dance moves.

Ever Lopez Mexico destination wedding photographer

Everybody having fun at the disco.

Nuevo Vallarta weddings

Family celebration

Nuevo Vallarta wedding pictures

All the guests enjoying the music

Nuevo Vallarta wedding packages photography

Mexico wedding photography

Great mood at the reception party

Mexico wedding photography

Chicken dance!

Mexico destination wedding photographer

All the guests enjoying the beats provided by the hotel Riu DJ.

Mexico destination weddings

Love is in the air

Mexican destination wedding photographer Ever Lopez

Mexican destination wedding photographer Ever Lopez

Nuevo Vallarta wedding photographer.

Hotel weddings in Nuevo Vallarta

Ever Lopez Mexico destination wedding photographer

Reception party.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photographers

The final speech

Destination wedding photographer in Mexico

Destination wedding photographer in Mexico



Mexico intimate destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, with many couples choosing to keep their guest list small in order to have their wedding in a beautiful, exotic location. It’s a really great way to have your closest friends and family to attend your wedding in an amazing location away from home and also throw in a little vacation for them at the same time. One of the most popular places for people to have destination weddings is Mexico. There are so many different, wonderful locations that all offer stunning views, unbeatable beaches, incredible year-round weather and amazing resorts that offer destination wedding packages to fit your every need, feel free to contact me for advice on the best way to get an intimate wedding in Mexico.

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