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Beach Trash the dress in Mexico

Beach Trash the dress in Mexico

Beach Trash the dress in Mexico

Beach Trash the dress in Mexico

Super creative wedding pictures with your bride dress

I can assure you, that you are thinking about all the wedding details and everything that this includes, from the wedding dress, the bridal shoes, the guest list, the catering and of course the photographs that will remain your legacy. But have you ever thought about having a special creative wedding photoshoot? Here we tell you what is Trash the Dress session in Puerto Vallarta and we give you some very original ideas for photos with your wedding dress after the wedding day. You must dare to live this experience!

What is trash the dress in Mexico

Bride with dress underwater pictures in a sacred cenote in Mexico.


What is trash the dress?

Most brides agree that wedding photography should be flawless, glamorous, where both look spectacular. But I need to tell you, that there is a type of photography that has gained popularity among couples who are getting married. It is Trash the Dress, and it is becoming popular in most Mexico destination weddings due to the stunning natural locations of the country. A trash the dress photo shoot is all about photographing yourself after the wedding in unusual places wearing the wedding dress and the groom’s suit. The result is some very original and fun wedding photos, different from the traditional wedding session or the photos of the bride and groom at the wedding day.

Super creative wedding pictures

This is your chance to have super creative wedding pictures.


The idea of ​​doing a trash the dress session is for the bride to have an original memory with her wedding dress, since most of the time, the wedding dress is kept in a box for years after the wedding. So the bride and groom choose these types of wedding photos to do something fun after the wedding. The term trash the dress refers to “destroying the dress”, but it is not necessary to go to this extreme at all. In my experience the wedding dresses end like a used mop after the wedding day, and most of the times they get “cleaned” while making underwater photos, as many couples like doing things like jumping into a Cenote or a pool dressed in their wedding dresses or fill themselves with colored dust, the idea is that the immaculate white dress ceases to be a taboo or a totally sober garment.

original ideas for photos with your wedding dress

Original ideas for photos with your wedding dress.


Where are the best places to shoot a Trash The Dress session in Mexico?

The best places to shoot a Trash The Dress session in Mexico vary from couple to couple, you must choose a special location; it can either be a place full of feelings and nostalgia that make it the perfect place to capture the best photographs, or some extreme contrast location non related to a wedding. Some original locations could be the beach, a sacred cenote, old buildings, desserts, waterfalls, gardens, forests, pools, paintball field, etc. I’m giving a few links for the best places to shoot a trash the dress session at the end of this blog.

the best places to shoot a Trash The Dress session in Mexico

Imagine your wedding pictures in the best places to shoot a Trash The Dress session in Mexico.


The meaning of Trash the Dress is to capture the essence of the couple in the photographs; All in a natural way, without poses, capturing the adrenaline, the emotion, the complicity and above all the love they feel for each other.

Mexico destination weddings

Mexico destination weddings.


The two must be convinced with the idea that both the dress and the groom suit will not be used again, this way you will have total freedom and creativity, since the true purpose of doing the trash the dress session is to get it dirty, get it wet, as a sign that they do not want to go back to marry no one else. And of course, for the more sentimental who want to keep their suits, you can always take daring shots and send the dress to the laundry.

Ideal locations for a Trash the Dress in Mexico

This photo was taken at a sidewalk and a bike parking space.


You should take it as the perfect opportunity to put your wedding dress back on after the wedding, since you probably spent a lot of money and probably after this occasion you will never use it again. It is also a good opportunity to release the stress of the wedding and forget all the nerves and anxiety we had. These types of sessions are so fun, they will create a special bond between you and your now husband.

Fun ideas for trash the dress

Fun ideas for trash the dress, like this star wars themed shooting.

Fun ideas for trash the dress:

Photographs as a couple in a cenote or at sea.
Throwing colored powder like at a Holi Party in India
Have a fun photo shoot with your pets
Photos with colored smoke
Themed photo shoot
Take some photos with you practicing sports in wedding dresses
Get photographed in a hot air balloon
Posing on a bicycle

Trash the dress in Puerto Vallarta, sayulita, punta de mita

Beach destination wedding in Mexico


Ideal locations for a Trash the Dress in Mexico:

*Puerto Vallarta: Amazing hidden places, like Islas Marietas, or virgin beaches.

*Punta de Mita and Sayulita: Two amazing little towns with

*Tequila, Jalisco: This town has all the Mexican traditions in one place, tequila, mariachi and charros, imagine yourself dressed like a charro wedding.

* Oaxaca: It has wonderful places like: Hierve el Agua or a beach in Puerto Escondido.

* Mexico City: It is always a good option for this type of shoots. One of them could be the Historic Center.

* Riviera Maya: Few destinations in the world offer scenarios as colorful as the Caribbean, with white beaches and beautiful colors in the sea. Cenotes are also an incredible option.

locations for a Trash the Dress in Mexico

From a mexican destination wedding in Cabo.

* Monterrey: Some photos as a couple in Fundidora Park can give a great result.









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