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My aim is to create authentic, amazing pictures that transport you back to your wedding day and remind you of how you felt.

Whilst I capture all of the big moments, I also seek out the small details. The ceremony, the beautiful dresses, the luxury suits, the vows, the speeches, the dance moves, the drinks. They all have their place and their moment. But so many great moments happen just in between everything that is planned. Those moments you experienced, the moments you were in the middle of, and moments you never even saw, those are my specialty!

I start when you want me to, and I will let you enjoy your day, I am like a ninja, sometimes slow moving, sometimes fast, you will forget about me.

I won’t ask you to say cheese and I won’t ask you to do ‘that shot’ Just relaxed, fun photos that capture the atmosphere of the real day.

I work behind the scenes, so that when you look back on your wedding day, you won’t remember me as some guy you hired to take photos. But as the friend who quietly celebrated your wedding by capturing photos throughout the day.

You’ll share them with your friends, family or children and you’ll be reminded of what that day was.

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